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Developing National Guidance Fora in Six Member States (MEDSUI) 2004 -2006 EU Joint Actions Programme               

Ireland was a member of the EU Joint Actions funded project Developing National Guidance Fora in Six Member States 2004-2006. Other countries that participated in the project included: Malta, Estonia, Denmark, Slovenia and the UK. The partnership met on four occasions in regard to establishing a National Guidance Forum in each country. To date Denmark, Ireland, Malta and Slovenia have established National Guidance Forums.

Irish Benefits

The Irish NGF has benefited from participation in this project by:

- Exchanging ideas and information with other countries in the partnership
- Participating in a forum for discussing the work, challenges and issues facing each country in the establishment and development of national guidance forums
- Benefiting from the expertise and wealth of experience available in the project partnership. This enabled the Irish Forum to learn about European developments in guidance which in turn informed the work of the Irish Forum
- Having the opportunity to share and disseminate the experience of Ireland in establishing a NGF with other countries within and external to the partnership.


EU Joint Actions Meeting in Malta

As part of the EU Joint Actions project a conference was held in Slovenia in December 2005 to disseminate the work undertaken by the project partnership. It was attended by five members of the Irish National Guidance Forum (NGF), policy makers and guidance practitioners from Slovenia and also by members of the second Joint Actions project (the Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany and Poland).

The conference examined themes such as Strategic Leadership in Career Guidance: The Role of National Fora, Developing Policy on Lifelong Guidance, Factors for Success and Future Challenges of Guidance Forums, Working in Partnership: Examples of Good Practice and Involvement of Guidance Service Users. Presentations included contributions from members of the project partnership and from members of the EU Expert Group on Lifelong Guidance: Professor Tony Watts, Mr John McCarthy and Professor Peter Plant.

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