Achievements of the National Guidance Forum

During its term the National Guidance Forum agreed a common vision and definition of guidance across the education, labour market and community sectors.

The Forum also carried out the following activities:

  • Participated on the Steering Committee convened by Forfas to support research on behalf of the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs into the availability and dissemination of careers information
  • Prepared a proposal for the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment for the establishment of a National Learning Line
  • Participated in the EU Joint Actions funded project (2004-2006) Developing National Guidance Fora in Six Member States
  • Liaised with the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy on developments in guidance at EU level and their implications for guidance in Ireland
  • Made a proposal for funding for a lifelong guidance service under the National Development Plan 2007-2013

Recommendations of the Forum

The Forum’s Final Report was submitted to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment and the Minister for Education and Science in January 2007. The title of the Report is Guidance for Life: An Integrated Framework for Lifelong Guidance in Ireland. It contains a national lifelong guidance framework and a proposal for national and local structures to support the implementation of the framework.

The report also includes the following documents:

Guidance in Ireland: Background Scoping Report; Perceptions of the General Public on Guidance and Guidance Services: Consultative Process Report; Quality in Guidance and A Competency Framework for Guidance Practitioners.

To access the reports go to the Publications section of this site.

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