The National Guidance Forum was established in 2004 as part of the programme of events of the Irish Presidency of the European Union. It was a joint initiative of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and the Department of Education and Science.

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The remit of the Forum was to:

1) Explore how individuals, at any point throughout their lives, can access quality guidance appropriate to their needs

2) Identify collaborative action across the guidance continuum

3) Agree recommendations for a lifelong guidance strategy in collaboration with other stakeholders


Professor Joyce O’Connor was Chair of the Forum and there were 34 members, including representatives of Guidance policy makers, guidance practitioners from education and labour market sectors,
trainers of guidance counsellors, employer representatives, trade unions, education managers, parents, and consumers.

The term of the Forum was from June 2004 to October 2006.

Forum Recommendations

The Forum's Final Report Guidance for Life: An Integrated Framework for Lifelong Guidance in Ireland was launched by Minister for Innovation Policy, Mr Michael Ahern, T.D., on 5 October, 2007 in the Clock Tower, Department of Education and Science, Marlborough Street.

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