Perspectives on the use of ability tests in schools

This video was inspired as a result of a series of Continued Professional Development workshops undertaken in Irish secondary schools. The hopes for ability tests were too often not fulfilled. There was a mismatch in messages being delivered to students as result of testing and what their real needs were. These concerns will be addressed in this video.

We recommend the following materials in conjunction with this video:
  • Best Practice, Ethical and Legal Considerations in Psychometric Testing for Guidance Counsellors by Declan Fitzgerald and Ciara Farrell which can be found here.
  • Video Role Play: Provision of Feedback on Psychometric Test Results by Declan Fitzgerald can be found here.
  • A guide for post-primary schools in developing a policy for the use of assessment instruments (including tests and web-based resources) was developed by NCGE and can be accessed here.
  • Data Protection for the Guidance Counsellor: Issues To Plan For by Hugh Jones can be accessed here.
Monday, February 15, 2016
Date for Review: 
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Declan Fitzgerald and Evin Cowhey