Record keeping and data gathering

The Adult Guidance Management  System is managed by NCGE on behalf of DES and SOLAS.

The SOLAS / NCGE AGMS  database acts as a key tool in providing a quality service to adult guidance clients. 

This AGMS has developed since 2004 with review and consultation with the Adult Educational Guidance Initiative staff and management.

The AGMS provides a confidential  online database to assist client information management  and to support review of and  ensure planning for the guidance service delivery

Due to the confidential nature of the guidance service to clients,  it is only the  guidance staff of the former Adult Education Guidance Services  that  have access to the AGMS for their ETB. Management  have access to the overall statistics and reports available from the data.

Professional practice is supported by the records kept .  

Records should reflect interactions with clients and groups and every session, phone call, meeting and drop-in is important. Both the client’s plan and progression are informed by the records.  Good record keeping facilitates appropriate follow up and referral.

Accurate data supports planning of the guidance service from a local and management level and informs national planning for  FET guidance services

At national level, SOLAS has access to the overall statistics to view the activities involved in the  provision of guidance , number of 1-1 sessions, group sessions, information queries etc.  SOLAS access the data 3 times per year in line with ETB reporting requirements.  This data is collected at End May, End September and End of year .

Guidance Services provide qualitative reports through the AGMS which provide the opportunity for service self -reflection and self-evaluation. The AGMS provides a facility for services to highlight Case Studies and examples of good practice.

These reports are collated by NCGE to provide an Executive overarching report for  DES / SOLAS . 

NCGE makes these reports available via



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