The European dimension

The EU Council resolution on better integrating lifelong guidance into lifelong learning strategies, 2008  defines guidance as a continuous process that enablescitizens at any age and at any point in their lives to identify their capacities, competences and interests, to make educational, training and occupational decisions and to manage their life paths in learning, work and other settings where it is possible to acquire and use these capacities and competences. Guidance covers a range of individual and collective activities relating to information giving, counselling,competence assessment, support, and the teaching of decision-making and career management skills.


The European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) 2008 -2015 was set up and funded by the EU Commission to support Member States to develop  policies for lifelong guidance.

ELGPN published guidelines for Member States

Guidelines for Policies and Systems Development for Lifelong Guidance A REFERENCE FRAMEWORK FOR THE EU AND FOR THE COMMISSION

Strengthening the Quality Assurance and Evidence-Base of Lifelong Guidance

Designing and Implementing Policies Related to Career Management Skills (CMS)


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