CPD for Post-Primary


'Clarification on the Legal Responsibilities of Guidance Counsellors: Where Confidentiality meets Child Protection'

NCGE, in partnership with ‘La Touche Legal Training’ have compiled a comprehensive resource and accompanying CPD day to support Guidance Counsellors with decision making in your daily practice.

This comprehensive CPD will clarify the legal responsibilities of Guidance Counsellors and will include content on:

  • accountability in Guidance Counselling
  • record Keeping & Documentation
  • GDPR Implications
  • consent and Capacity v’s Confidentiality
  • process of reporting (When / How / Where and What If )

CPD will be delivered regionally in 3 locations in March and 1 location in April 2020.

  • Dublin on 10th March (FULL)
  • Limerick on 19th March (POSTPONED)
  • Sligo on 26th March (POSTPONED)
  • Dublin on 1st April (POSTPONED)

Due to high demand NCGE hope to schedule further dates for this CPD. If you wish to to be added to a Waiting List and contacted re future workshop dates, please contact Luke Dunne by e-mail at luke.dunne@ncge.ie.

CPD - 'Legal responsibilities of Guidance Counsellors' 


'Step-by-step Approach to Guidance Practice using the Whole School Guidance Framework'

(WSG CPD Phase 1 - Whole School Guidance Planning)

CPD in the Autumn / Winter of 2019 continued to focus on the use of the Whole School Guidance Framework by schools. CPD was delivered through regional workshops. 235 schools have participated to date and representatives include Guidance Counsellors and Principals / Deputy Principals.

You can review two 'Guidance Matters' article regarding this CPD below.

Spring 2019 

Winter 2019

Two final WSG CPD workshops will take place again on the following dates and locations:

  • Dundalk on 26th February
  • Killarney on 27th February

If you are a Guidance Counsellor or School Principal (or Deputy) who would like to take part on these dates please complete the form by clicking below

CPD - 'Step by Step approach to Whole School Guidance Planning'

If you have any additional queries in relation to any CPD please contact Luke Dunne
e-mail: luke.dunne@ncge.ie / ncgeinfo@ncge.ie Ph: 01 8823818