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NCGE is conducting this survey in order to facilitate a review of the recently completed 'NCGE Webinar Series' and to gather information on School Guidance Counsellors’ continuing professional development needs to inform the development of NCGE’s CPD programme for the next academic year (2020/2021). 

It will only take approximately 3-5 minutes and all submissions are anonymous.

If you have any queries about the survey or the development of NCGE CPD and resources for Guidance in schools - please e-mail

We ask that you please complete this survey by Monday 1st of June 2020.

As PART of this survey NCGE is seeking feedback in relation to the recently completed 'NCGE Webinar Series'. If you attended one or more webinars we would appreciate if you could indicate this below. If you were not in a position to attend, please just select NO and after answering one additional question you will be taken directly to another section of the survey.