Spring 2020

'Clarification on the Legal Responsibilities of Guidance Counsellors: Where Confidentiality meets Child Protection'

NCGE, in partnership with ‘La Touche Legal Training’ have compiled a comprehensive resource and accompanying CPD day to support Guidance Counsellors with decision making in your daily practice.

This comprehensive CPD will clarify the legal responsibilities of Guidance Counsellors and will include content on:

  • accountability in Guidance Counselling
  • record Keeping & Documentation
  • GDPR Implications
  • consent and Capacity v’s Confidentiality
  • process of reporting (When / How / Where and What If )

CPD will be delivered regionally in 3 locations in March and 1 location in April 2020.

  • Dublin on 10th March (FULL)
  • Limerick on 19th March (POSTPONED)
  • Sligo on 26th March (POSTPONED)
  • Dublin on 1st April (POSTPONED)

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