Post Primary CPD

2021 - NCGE Post Primary Webinar Series

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This webinar showcased examples of good practice in applying the principles of Looking at Our Schools and School Self Evaluation in terms of Whole School Guidance planning and improvement.

It also outlined further the wealth of material available on the NCGE website in relation to Whole School Guidance.

Representatives from three different schools contributed to this webinar from Voluntary and Community/ETB, small and large, located in rural and urban settings. DEIS and non-DEIS were similarly represented.

Access Recording and Presentation HERE

This webinar focussed on planning.
It was discussed how to link Whole School Guidance (2017) with the LAOS (2016) approach, mapping the two frameworks to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of planning in post-primary schools.

NCGE partnered with the Inspectorate in the creation of this webinar.

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This webinar further introduced Guidance Related Learning for Junior Cycle and  provides Guidance Counsellors with an opportunity to discuss all elements of the unit of learning.

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This webinar summarised the key points of QQI for Guidance Counsellors with a focus on transition and opportunities.
NCGE partnered with QQI in the creation and presentation of this webinar.

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This webinar discussed how to include the voice of parents in planning, and the participation of parents in the practice of Guidance.
NCGE partnered with the National Parents Council Post Primary Ireland (NPCPP) in the creation and presentation of this webinar.

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This webinar provided an opportunity for an interactive dialogue and Q & A between schools and the NCGE regarding ‘Digitalised Guidance'.
Guidance Counsellors and school management were provided with an opportunity to discuss and ask questions on any aspect of Digitalised Guidance.
In addition, resources to support good quality guidance planning and practice were highlighted.

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