Support for Post-Primary Guidance

In conjunction with the Department of Education and Skills (DES); we continue to develop supports for guidance provision in post-primary schools.

May 2020

NCGE  launched the NCGE 'Webinar Series'.
This series consistedt of 4 x free weekly interactive webinars, providing the opportunity for 
School Guidance Counsellors and School Management to participate in information sharing on 4 x topics under the overall theme of: 
‘Adapting the Guidance plan to support continuity of Guidance provision’

To find out more click the 'NCGE Webinar Series' link across (or below).

April 2020

NCGE is providing an online space to facilitate *Resource Sharing*  within the post-primary school guidance community, with a particular focus on how these resources can support quality guidance delivery online / remotely during the Covid-19 school closures. NCGE is NOW (27/04/20) inviting Guidance Counsellors, in post-primary schools, to share resources that they have sourced or developed for their own practice; in support of students.

If you wish to share a resource or item of practice, with fellow post-primary guidance counsellors, that has worked well for you and your students, please click HERE