Sharing Resources (Post-Primary)

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NCGE supports and promotes quality guidance provision in schools in accordance with the NCGE:Whole School Guidance Framework 

We are providing an online space to facilitate *Resource Sharing* within the post-primary school guidance community; with a particular focus on how these resources can support quality guidance delivery online / remotely during the Covid-19 school closures. 

NCGE is inviting guidance counsellors, in post-primary schools, to share resources that they have sourced or developed for their own practice - to support students.

NCGE will consider and assess all resources submitted in the context of our “criteria matrix” to ensure that all shared resources fit within the NCGE: Whole School Guidance Framework. Once approved, these will be uploaded to a dedicated 'Resources Sharing' section on our website and communicated to the guidance community.

If you wish to share a resource or item of practice, that has worked well for you, please complete the form below (click “START” to begin)

In doing so, please provide as much detail as possible, providing examples where appropriate / requested.
For additional information on the process click HERE 

Thank you for your contribution to national quality guidance provision.

As you complete this form your content will be saved, meaning you can navigate back and forth to (re) edit your submission. 
This will only happen during the same 'session'. If you navigate away from the form there is no guarantee your content will remain.