Share a (post-primary) resource through NCGE

NCGE supports and promotes quality guidance provision in schools in accordance with the NCGE:Whole School Guidance Framework 

We are currently developing an online space to facilitate *Resource Sharing* within the post-primary school guidance community.

NCGE invites Guidance Counsellors, in post-primary schools, to now share resources that they have sourced or developed for their own practice - to support students.

NCGE will consider and assess any resources submitted to ensure that all shared resources fit within the NCGE: Whole School Guidance Framework. Once approved, these will be uploaded to a dedicated 'Resources Sharing' section on our website and communicated to the guidance community.

If you wish to share a resource or item of practice, that has worked well for you, please complete the short form accessible through clicking the button below.
A certificate of recognition will be provided to you following its successful review and upload.

We request that you only share ONE resource per submission.
A confrmation e-mail will be sent to you acknowledging receipt.

Thank you for your contribution to national quality guidance provision.