REACH+ Career and College Preparation Programme

In light of the current situation where many students and Guidance Counsellors have no access to a managed career guidance resource, CareersPortal are offering full access for all 6th years students and their Guidance Counsellors to the REACH+ Career and College Preparation Programme, Free of Charge until such time as they have transitioned from 2nd level education.

This service will be made available to students directly through the Guidance Counsellor(s) in the school.

Initial training will be provided to Guidance Counsellors by CareersPortal directly and this training will be designed to get each school up and running. 

Further (advanced) training will be provided, both through the IGC branch network and through direct contact with Careers Portal.

You must be a guidance counsellor employed in a post-primary school, working with 6th years, to avail of the Reach+ Programme and to take part in any training provided.

Guidance Counsellors wishing to avail of this service are asked to email directly with your 

  • School Name
  • Guidance Counsellor Name/s, 
  • Email address contact number/s 
  • Number of 6th year Students 
  • IGC Branch (if applicable)

CareersPortal will come back to you with access details and will confirm the next available slot for initial training. 
Please note this remote training carried out over Zoom, which is free and very easy to use.

REACH+ Career & College Preparation Programme Overview

The programme provides the scaffolding for the delivery of a structured guidance programme for all, for some and for a few (NCGE, 2017) and encourages self-directed learning and the development of career-management skills among students. It facilitates the process of career learning and development by providing activities that focus on each of the 3 core areas of learning outlined in the Whole School Guidance Framework (NCGE, 2017) 

•    Developing Myself – understanding and developing myself

•    Developing My Learning – exploring the World of Education and learning opportunities

•    Developing My Career Path – exploring the World of Work and developing and managing my career

These 3 areas of learning are addressed through the provision of over 40 engaging and interactive online work activities with associated lesson plans, related videos and PowerPoint presentations allowing the programme to be delivered under the following 5 key areas in REACH+

(1)    Career Planning & Research – Develops career learning and awareness and promotes a positive and realistic approach to career planning.

(2)    Self-Assessment – Innovative and well-planned suite of self-assessment exercises to encourage a rich understanding of self and others, for example: career interests, multiple intelligence and career skills.

(3)    Study Performance & Target Setting – Tools to help students achieve their potential by recognising individual learning styles, improving their study technique and setting exam targets.

(4)    World of Education – Exercises and tools designed to enhance the students’ ability to understand, find, select and evaluate FET, Apprenticeships and HET educational options.

(5)    World of Work – Students learn about the world of employment and evaluate employment sectors, careers, labour market information and jobs that interest them. Work Experience is integrated including completing a work experience diary and evaluating career skills developed as a result. All LCVP modules are integrated in this area.


Evidence Based Career Guidance Practice 

The REACH+ programme demonstrates “evidence-based” guidance practice in action as the management system collates the work of each student and class group culminating into a comprehensive student Career File or Career Portfolio.  This documents a student’s research, their personal development and future career and educational plans.

Guidance Counsellor Administration and Management

Guidance Counsellors can view the work of both class groups and individual students directly.  They can post important notices, share files or set work or assignments directly from their administration page for Year Groups (all), Classes (some) or Individual Students (few).  

From within this Administration Area, a students’ progress over a range of topics can be easily monitored and tracked. One to one appointments can be organised, assignments can be marked, and important notices and events can be presented directly into a student’s own Career File. Numerous Reports can be viewed or printed, as required, clearly demonstrating the work that has been completed with every student over the school year or programme.

Lesson plans are clearly linked to learning outcomes, statements of learning and career development theory and guidance practice.  Activities encourage individual, paired and group engagement, topic feedback and personal learning reflections are included.



A Whole School Career Guidance Programme 

Reach+ also contributes to the wider school community and key stakeholders including parents and guardians and students from 1st year to 6th year.  This communication is made possible through the school Guidance Counselling Website which is an integral part of the programme and links directly to the main school website.  This service allows the Guidance Counsellor from the comfort of their own desk to communicate directly with all year groups, parents and the wider school community.  Key notices and events can be posted here on the School Notice Board and important articles and files can be shared.