Support for Post-Primary Guidance

In conjunction with the Department of Education and Skills (DES) we are currently developing a comprehensive strategy of support for guidance in post-primary schools.

To facilitate and coordinate this support, over the past 10 days, Guidance Counsellors in post-primary schools completed a 'Guidance Contingency Planning' survey.

We received more than 200 individual responses and we are very grateful for all the contributions made. 

All responses have been passed to the Department of Education and Skills and the Department intends to publish guidelines next week (30/03) that will bear in mind the nature of the concerns expressed and the support required.

The Dept of Education and Skills recognises the importance of continued supervision of guidance counsellors during the school closures as a result of Covid -19. The following information has been issued to supervisors and guidance counsellors for the organisation of the supervision programme at this time.

MONAGHAN EDUCATION CENTRE - Supervision: Information for Supervisors and Guidance Counsellors

Relevant existing resources:

Talking to Children and Young People about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Advice for Parents and Schools

DES/NEPS - A Guide for Parents on supporting children and young people with daily routines while schools are closed

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