NCGE / Euroguidance Ireland Euro-Quest resource for schools

As weare all doing our best to adapt to a ‘virtual learning environment’, we wanted to highlight Euro-Quest as a resource that might be helpful to you as part of your virtual guidance deliveryDeveloped by NCGE / Euroguidance Ireland - Euro-Quest promotes educational mobility. It gives an overview of Europe, highlights the study, training opportunities available, gives advice and suggestions about living and studying abroad and empowers students to research available courses. 


Euro-Quest is FREE to use, and students can access and complete from home.

It is particularly suitable for TY and 5th year students.

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In each school delivering the resource, one staff member is required to act as the ‘Euro-Quest Leader’.
This function will ideally be performed by the Guidance Counsellor or TY Coordinator (but can also be a subject teacher in the school


In support of students, the Euro-Quest Leader will - register to and access - a unique (Leader) course page and has ongoing responsibility for the following: 


  • the school coordination of delivery (across departments / subject areas - where required) 
  • for the purposes of feedback and evaluation - the completion of pre- and post-delivery questionnaires 
  • to be the main point of contact between NCGE/Euroguidance Ireland in relation to resource delivery 


Once it is decided who in the school will fill this role, please formally register your school’s participation by completing the form here


On completion of this form NCGE / Euroguidance Ireland will forward details regarding accessing the course and student enrolment. 

More information, including FAQs can be accessed at  -

Additional support available:

We at NCGE/ Euroguidance are available should you have any question or comment in relation to the resource.  
You can contact us at

We are conscious, that especially at this time, you may need assisance in accessing  / liaising with students in the delivery of Euro-Quest, so please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are on hand to answer your queries.