The work of NCGE is informed by focused research and also by surveys and inputs from its broad client base.

The Survey on the Continuing Professional Development needs of guidance counsellors working in second level schools: Report of Findings was published in May 2014. The aim of the survey was to establish the needs of guidance counsellors in relation to CPD and to establish the best modes and delivery time frames for CPD. Read full report

The Review of Guidance Counselling provision in second level schools, 2012-2013: Report of the findings was commissioned by the DES and the Management of Guidance Committee. Read full report.

Research on the Practice of Counselling by Guidance Counsellors in Post-Primary Schools (2011) The Department of Education and Skills and NCGE commissioned Dr Claire Hayes and Professor Mark Morgan to undertake this research in 2009. Read full report (PDF 1.7 mb) 

In response to the recommendations of the research, the Department of Education and Skills issued a statement which clarifies and outlines the required work of NCGE. Read full report (PDF 367 kb)

The Potential of a Virtual World to Support Teacher Professional Development (2011)  In this research Linda Darbey (NCGE) explores the potential of a Virtual World (VW) to support guidance counsellors' preparation for a Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme using an action research approach. Read Full Report (PDF 3.9 kb)

Overarching Research on the Adult Educational Guidance Initiative (2010) Reflecting on the initial pilot project phases of the AEGI, the report Overarching Research on the Adult Educational Guidance Initiative 2000-2006 highlights examples of good practice in the AEGI. Read full report (PDF 4.2 mb)