NCGE attending external events

NCGE and NCGE staff members are invited to present/ participate in many national and international events every year.

Dyslexia & Drug use: NCGE’s FET Guidance Coordinator Mary Stokes attended DAI / Soilse’s event in the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission (IHREC) Offices Dublin 12/07/2017

The event was very well attended with DAI’s Head of Psychological and Educational Services; Donald Ewing and Donal Rice of IHREC (Irish Human Rights & Equality Agency) made excellent presentations while two speakers told movingly of their lived experiences of Dyslexia. The event presented a challenge for FET, and for Guidance Counsellors working in this sector. Mary has been engaging with DAI and others in discussions regarding the challenges of offering useful & viable supports to learners.

‘People with Dyslexia will often tell you that the word Dyslexia is very helpful to them and gives them a word to describe their difficulties’

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ICCDPP International Symposium 2017

On behalf of the DES, the NCGE Chairman, Paul King and NCGE Director, Jennifer McKenzie, attended the ICCDPP in June in Seoul, South Korea. DES was instrumental in the original establishment of the ICCDPP as the current Director, John McCarthy, was formerly the first Director of NCGE.

The focus of the global discussion was on the future of guidance (also referred to internationally as career development) and its continued relevance in the context of changes in education and employment in recent years. Representatives of OECD, CEDEFOP and the European Training Foundation participated in the three-day symposium who's theme was - Career Development :At the Crossroads towards Relevance and Impact. A communiqué for dissemination globally was issued following the symposium.

Below is a copy of this Symposium Communiqué a, brief NCGE report on the discussions and The Ireland Country Paper submitted in advance of attendance. NCGE has suggested that the planned DES Review of Guidance would be well placed to consider the recommendations of the communiqué in the further development of any guidance strategy.


Symposium Communiqué - July 2017

NCGE Summary Report - July 2017

Ireland, Country Paper - June 2017

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IAEVG International Conference. September 2015.
Jennifer McKenzie, Director of NCGE, attended the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) conference in Tsukuba, Japan from 18 - 21 September 2015.  The theme of the conference was Restructuring Careers Over Unexpected Powerful Forces and Jennifer presented on the subject of Evidence based policies and practices in Ireland: developing a cross-sectoral approach, as part of the Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation: What We Know Works symposium, chaired by Dr Deirdre Hughes.

Download the presentation (pdf) here.

Education Matters Yearbook 8 - Review of 2014 - Guide to 2015
Education Matters Yearbook 8 was launched by the Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O'Sullivan, in the NUI, Merrion Square, Dublin on 9th December, 2014. Jennifer McKenzie, Director of NCGE, attended the event as a contributor to the Yearbook, with an article in the Overview of Further Education section (Chapter 5, page 207).

IGC Conference 2014
Jennifer McKenzie, Director of NCGE, spoke at the Institute of Guidance Counsellor's (IGC) conference in Dublin on 21st March 2014.The speech was made in the context of the research poster presentation event which took place at this year's conference. View here