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Adult Educational Guidance Services

The Adult Educational Guidance Services (AEGS), were set up by the DES and co-ordinated by NCGE as part of the Adult Educational Guidance Initiative (AEGI) in a phased development from 2000-2007.

Now based within and manged by the 16 ETBs, the 39 AEGS provide guidance to those adults who wish to return to education and training, or are already registered on an FET programme within the ETBs.  The specific target groups are listed below under the DES AEGI Operational Guidelines (2012).

Guidance is provided in group settings and on a One-to-One basis for those who require further supports to identify their own  lifelong learning  and career plan.

NCGE supports the provision of quality guidance within the AEGS services of the ETBs and provides CPD for the  guidance staff of the AEGS. NCGE works  on behalf of DES and SOLAS, in collaboration with ETBI, on the  continuous development  of the AEGS nationally. The AEGS complete qualitative and quantitative returns twice yearly to inform NCGE, SOLAS and DES on the provision of guidance to the target groups of the Services.

This information is gathered via the confidential Adult Guidance Management System (AGMS) database, which is monitored and managed by NCGE on behalf of DES and SOLAS. NCGE provides reports to DES and SOLAS arising from the statistics and qualitative information gathered within the AGMS.

The overall report of  AEGS service provision in 2015 is available HERE

The overall report of  AEGS service provision in 2016 is available HERE

The work of the AEGI is informed by Learning for Life, White Paper on Adult Education (July 2000). Learning for Life describes ‘guidance’ as referring to a range of activities designed to assist people to make choices about their lives and to make transitions consequent upon those choices. The AEGI offers a Guidance Service to adults, including impartial adult educational information, one-to-one guidance and group guidance, which helps people to make informed educational, career and life choices. 

More information and guidelines in relation to the AEGI:

NCGE has worked with the AEGI to produce several short videos focussing on guidance issues that may arise for clients of this service.  

One of these can be viewed below.

Welcome to Guidance (3 mins)