Work Programme of the ELGPN

The 2011-12 Work Programme examined how guidance as an integral element contributes to EU 2020 strategies and sectoral policy areas, e.g. schools, VET, higher education, adult education, employment and social inclusion


The Plenary meetings are held twice a year in those countries hosting the EU presidency. Work packages of the network focus on the key areas of

  • Career Management Skills (Work Package 1)
  • Widening Access (Work Package 2)
  • Co-operation and Co-ordination Mechanisms (Work Package 3)
  • Quality Assurance and Evidence Based Practice (Work Package 4)

NCGE hosted the meeting of Work Package 4 – Quality Assurance and Evidence Based Practice in March 2012. Fourteen Member State countries were represented by 23 participants at the three day meeting held in the Department of Education and Skills, Dublin. This working group was co-ordinated and lead by the Hungarian representative Dr Tibor Bors Borbély-Pecze with Dr Deirdre Hughes as the external consultant and facilitator for the group.

During the ELGPN Work programme 2011-12, a principal aim was to produce a Resource Kit to support policy review and peer learning processes both within and between countries. A draft framework for quality assurance and evidence based practice was developed by the group for inclusion in the proposed ELGPN Resource Kit.

For more information on the activities during 2012 please download the ELGPN newsletter (PDF).

Work Package 4 - Members of ELGPN meet in Dublin, March 2012.

ELGPN members attending Work Package 4 meeting in Dublin 2012