European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network

The European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) aims to assist the European Union Member States (and the neighbouring countries eligible for the Lifelong Learning Programme) and the European Commission in developing European co-operation on lifelong guidance in both the education and the employment sectors. The purpose of the Network is to promote co-operation and systems development at member-country level in implementing the priorities identified in EU 2020 strategies and EU Resolutions on Lifelong Guidance (2004; 2008). The Network was established in 2007 by the member-states; the Commission supports its activities under the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Membership of the Network is open to each country eligible for assistance under the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013. See the ELGPN website for more information on aims, objectives and membership of the network. Ireland will continue to have full membership of the ELGPN for the 2013-14 work programme. NCGE is the Department of Education and Skills' designated representative for Ireland at the ELGPN.

The EU Commission provides funding for the ELGPN programme for 2013-2014. Ireland hosted the 12th ELGPN Plenary meeting during the Irish EU Presidency in February 2013.

NCGE also produced a number of opinion based films during the conference week. More information, and links to the films are available here.

2012 -11 Work Programme of the ELGPN:  Ireland had full membership of the ELGPN for the 2011-12 work programme. The ELGPN 2011-12 publications including the Lifelong Guidance Policy Development: A European Resource Kit were launched at the 4th European Conference on Lifelong Guidance Policy in Larnaca, Cyprus on 24 October 2012.