NCGE - Testing the European Resource Kit

What’s involved?
NCGE is working with AEGI, AHECS, DSP, IGC and Directors of Studies in Guidance Counselling, to review the frameworks outlined in the European Resource Kit.  Each agency / organisation has been asked to review two sections of the Framework and test them out in their own sector.

Looking at the Quality Assurance and evidence based practice (QAE)
- do the 5 quality elements make sense in their sector? 
- What data do we already have in each sector to reflect these key quality elements?
- Would these 5 elements provide the appropriate evidence for quality guidance provision in their sector? 
- Are there other key elements, criteria or indicators that we would need to include in an Irish context?
- What can we, in Ireland, feedback to the ELGPN about this QAE Framework?

Looking at Career Management Skills (CMS)
- are we documenting the expected outcomes of guidance that can be reflected in an objective and quality assured way?
- What CMS are being supported by guidance providers across all the different sectors?
- Does the Framework, as developed in the Resource Kit, support both the identification of these CMS’ and the methodologies of guidance provision to develop these skills?
NCGE has developed documentation to support this work at sector level, using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to provide discussion fora and facilitate online sharing of ideas and documentation.

What is the timeline?
NCGE will continue to work with the organisations and agencies who have begun this process, we welcome interest from other organisations who may wish to participate in the project.  We plan to support groups to test the Kit in their sector from October – December 2013.  We will gather data and feedback from January – March 2014.  We hope to bring the initial data findings to the Forum for comment and further discussion in April.  NCGE plans to present the final report of testing the European Resource Kit for Ireland to the Forum meeting in October 2014.