About Us

About Us

Pictured: Staff of NCGE, 2017

The mission of the National Centre for Guidance in Education is to develop and support quality guidance provision in the education sector as part of lifelong learning in accordance with national and international best practice


  • develops guidance materials,
  • provides advice on good practice,
  • supports innovation and pilot projects,
  • disseminates information to practitioners,
  • organises continuing professional development,
  • carries out a range of surveys and related research on guidance practice and needs, 
  • advises the Department of Education and Skills on policy development.

It also hosts the Euroguidance Centre Ireland and is the designated representative for the DES at the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network.

For more detail on NCGE's strategic plan and current activities please see NCGE Strategic Plan 2015-2017 (PDF 500 kb)

NCGE publishes an Annual Output Statement as an annex to the Léargas Annual Report:

NCGE Annual Output Statement 2016 (PDF 1625 kb)

Ráiteas Bliantúil Aschuir LNTO 2016  (PDF 1600kb)

NCGE Annual Output Statement 2015 (PDF 908 kb)

Ráiteas Bliantúil Aschuir LNTO 2015 (PDF 920 kb)

NCGE Annual Output Statement 2014 (PDF 700 kb)

Ráiteas Bliantúil Aschuir LNTO 2014 (PDF 748 kb)

NCGE Annual Output Statement 2013 (PDF 1.1 mb). Léargas Annual Report 2013 (PDF 2.62 mb)

LNTO Tuarascáil Bhliantúil Ráiteas Aschuir 2013 (PDF 361 KB)

NCGE Annual Output Statement 2012 (PDF 1.1 mb). Léargas Annual Report 2012 (PDF 4.7 mb)


NCGE reports to the Minister for Education and Skills through its Management of Guidance Committee. The Director of NCGE is responsible for the day to day operation of the Centre. In addition to the Director there are five core staff members, including a  Guidance Programme Coordinator, two Guidance Officers, an Information Officer and an Office Administrator.  Consultants are engaged to manage accounting procedures, information technology and to assist NCGE in the delivery of aspects of its programme as the need arises.

The Centre is open from 9.30am to 17.30pm Monday to Friday. NCGE staff can be emailed at firstname.surname@ncge.ie